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The five years that followed were a renaissance of wisdom that came by way of teachers, classes, books, lectures, travelers, seekers, and other magical happenings. My curiosity led me to explore different styles of yoga such as Jivamukti, Vinyasa, Bikram, Kundalini, Ashtanga, Budokon, and Shadow Yoga.  

I arrived in Los Angeles in 2007 to further my acting career.  I was practicing Shadow Yoga for 6 years and my practice was entwined with studying metaphysics, philosophy, astrology, and the language of ‘shadow work’ through archetype, ritual, poetry, & storytelling.


In 2012 I let go of my acting career and embarked on a two-month volunteer trip to Rishikesh, India and completed the Warriors of Wisdom training there with the Sattva Yoga family. This was followed by my 200hr Yogaworks Teacher Training with Joan Hyman, Yoga for Trauma Certification with Purple Dot Yoga Project, and becoming a certified Primal Mvmnt Teacher under the guidance of its creator Liz Arch. In 2018 I began teaching abroad and I’m excited to partner again with The Travel Yogi as we embark on yet another adventure together.


What I am most drawn to and fascinated by is the ‘life/death/life’ alchemical cycles we experience in our lives. Death & Rebirth! Those oh 'Holy Shift' moments! Where do I want to go to college? What do I want to be? Do I start this job? Do I leave this relationship? Do I make this move?  Do I take this leap? Etc. There will be many beginnings, endings, and rites of passage in our lives. Shedding one skin to reveal a new underneath. Peeling away what is no longer you to reveal what is. 


In this very process yoga found me and it is why I teach. I teach to empower others to question and explore their voice, their purpose, their creativity, and their resilience when they stand at the ‘crossroads’ within. I draw upon my life experiences to illuminate the moment using: asana, movement, acting techniques, breath work, storytelling, ritual, astrology, tarot, and Chinese 5 Elements to support and encourage my students to remember that all answers lie within.  We will:



ignite the light LOGO

The sun & moon are symbols that have been used throughout human history to tell time, to guide travelers on a journey whether by land or sea, & to illuminate the earth for all species. These two orbs of light, known as the luminaries in astrology, provoke powerful imagery in storytelling, rituals, myth, art, and so on. They point to the energy used in yoga, astrology, and other modalities.  

The Sanskrit word for Hatha translates to 'force', pointing to a system of physical movement & techniques; Ashtanga, Vinyasa, & Iyengar are all under the umbrella of Hatha yoga.  
"Ha" in Hatha is masculine energy (yang)  - the sun, & "Tha" in Hatha is feminine energy (yin) - the moon. The Sanskrit definition of yoga is 'yoke' or 'union' & in some cases, 'join' or 'bind'. So it could be said that Hatha yoga is the union or balancing of the masculine (Shiva) & feminine (Shakti) energies in the body.  

For me, the cycles of the sun & moon (astrology) also point to our evolutionary soul blueprint, our natal birth chart.  Like a treasure map, this energy can  give direction to the ever evolving transitions & cycles we experience throughout life.

I believe the sun & moon shine inside all of us.  What kind of light you are, how bright you shine is up to you! There are many ways to ignite or create a spark! Yoga is one way! And my hope, as a teacher, is to be a lantern, a light post on your journey inward to ignite your own internal light. 



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