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y o g a  r e t r e a t s

The farther you go out into the world, the deeper you go within!


bali - sept 2022
3 rooms left!

this trip has been on my bucket list for years! travel with me into the lush landscape of Bali and get blissed out as we salute the sun daily, surf, traipse through temples, & so much more!

SEPTEMBER 10-17th 2022

*Daily yoga with me!

*balinese cooking class

*guided bike tour

*2 surfing lessons

*guided temple tours

*learn to make Bali coffee

*eat local cuisine

*boutique accomodations & more!

click the link to explore

& book your spot!!


Galapagos - OcT '23!
1 rm left - 2 spots

Dive into one of the world's most biodiverse & unique Marine reserves in the world - the Galapagos! When was the last time you discovered something for the first time?  Well this trip, whether its the nature, yoga, or your own flow, will be the experience of a life time!!!

October 7-14th 2023

*Our own private villa on Santa Cruz island

*3 meals a day from the biodynamic garden

*yoga daily with me!

*certified naturalist for the week!

*snorkeling, scuba, boating, & swimming excursions

*trip to las grietas

*kayaking tortuga bay & so much more!!!

click the link to explore & book your spot!

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